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Under the Men's Tree

Under the Men's Tree - Image Produced by Judith MacDougall,David MacDougall.
15 min. Black and White. 1970.
Available as: VHS and DVD
Captioned: Yes
Catalog #: 0026
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At Jie cattle camps in Uganda men often gather under a special tree to make leather and wooden goods and talk, relax, and sleep. This brilliant ethnographic documentary by renowned filmmakers David and Judith MacDougall captures one particularly riveting discussion one afternoon under the men's tree.

The conversation on this particular afternoon becomes a kind of reverse ethnography, centering on the European's most noticeable possession, the motor vehicle. This is a uniquely delicate and intimate film, filled with the humor of the Jie and, implicitly, the ironic wit of the filmmakers.

In Jie, with English subtitles.


"Recommended for academic classes and public library programs on Africa, and for use in language arts, social science, and special classes or units on men's or women's consciousness." -- The Booklist



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