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Film Catalog » Subject Areas » Communication » Nonverbal Communication » The Interpersonal Perception Task

The Interpersonal Perception Task

The Interpersonal Perception Task - Image Produced by Dane Archer,Mark Costanzo.
40 min. Color. 1987.
Available as: VHS and DVD
Captioned: No
Catalog #: 0001
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Unlike most videos, this study of nonverbal communication and social perception allows viewers to participate. It shows 30 brief scenes of common social interactions. Each is followed by a multiple-choice question, giving the viewer the chance to "decode" something important about the interaction. Only one answer is correct in each instance.

There are five essential themes: intimacy, competition, deception, kinship, and status. The video comes with a blank answer sheet to be duplicated for classroom use, a "key" with correct answers, and an extensive facilitator's guide. Produced by Dane Archer and Mark Costanzo.


"This unique, high-quality video can be used productively in both research and teaching. I've found that its testing format challenges my students and they are eager to discuss and analyze the various verbal and nonverbal signals. A valuable resource for anyone whose work focuses on the subtleties of social perceptions." -- Mark L. Knapp, Jones Centennial Professor in Communication, Univ. of Texas


  • American Psychological Assn. honoree
  • Western Psychological Assn. honoree
  • International Visual Sociology Assn. honoree

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