About Us

Berkeley Media LLC is one of America’s foremost distributors of independently produced documentaries and educational media. Our collection of some 200¬†titles has won more than 900 awards and honors at major festivals and at screenings by academic associations worldwide. The producers we represent come from around the world and are among the most lauded in their fields.

Our collection has been chosen to consist of titles that are notable for their educational utility, merit, and significance, as well as for their technical excellence and original vision.

We take great pride in knowing that many of our titles have broken new intellectual ground and challenged entrenched beliefs, and that many have been acclaimed for the impact and originality of their ideas and expression.

More than 100 of our titles were formerly distributed by University of California Extension’s Center for Media and Independent Learning.

The dismaying closure of that organization and the dispersal of its remarkable collection of more than 700 titles — many of which have gone out of print altogether — indeed led to the formation of Berkeley Media LLC.

If you have questions or comments about Berkeley Media LLC, please email us at: info@berkeleymedia.com