James M. Freeman

The Myth of the Buddha’s Birthplace is Dr. James M. Freeman’s first video production. It is based on his experiences over 50 years in a village in eastern India. Freeman, who earned his doctorate from Harvard, is an Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at San Jose State University in California, and a former Fellow of the Center For Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, at Stanford University.

He is the author or co-author of seven books, including Untouchable: An Indian Life History, which won a Choice Outstanding Book Award, and Hearts of Sorrow: Vietnamese-American Lives, which won an American Book Award. His photos of India have appeared in magazines such as Natural History and The Geographical (London).

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    The Myth of the Buddha’s Birthplace

    This fascinating and thought-provoking documentary explores the process by which a modern myth is created. The film illustrates how the people in a small village in eastern India have come to believe that the Buddha was born in their village, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

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