Mylene Moreno

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Mylène Moreno makes documentaries that reflect her diverse cultural interests. Her latest project is Recalling Orange County, a personal look at the orchestrated backlash against an immigrant-rights leader that reveals fierce conflicts in California’s Orange County over what it means to be American.

Mylène’s previous film, True-Hearted Vixens, features female athletes pursuing dreams of professional athletic greatness in a startup tackle football league. Produced in association with the Independent Television Service, Vixens aired during the 2001 season of P.O.V.

Earlier, she worked in Austin on several PBS documentaries, producing the first episode of the landmark series ¡CHICANO! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. She also produced a tongue-in-cheek documentary “search” for the brilliant and reclusive novelist, Cormac McCarthy, titled Cormac’s Trash, and directed Maribel, a short film about an El Paso teenager’s experience of motherhood, marriage, and a second pregnancy.

Mylène is a graduate of Stanford University’s documentary film program.

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    True-Hearted Vixens

    This remarkable documentary follows the fortunes of two women during the Women’s Professional Football League’s inaugural season of six exhibition games. One of the women is a young political consultant-turned linebacker and the other is an elite amateur basketball player and single mother taking a shot at wide receiver. Both traveled from afar, trading security and leaving jobs and loved ones for this long-shot at stardom.

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