Sue Yung Li

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  • film_137


    Conveys the texture and flavor of the venerable Chinese capital through a close-up look at a number of its inhabitants, both young and old, with varied and fascinating backgrounds. Their stories unfold against the backdrop of a timeless but rapidly changing metropolis.

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  • film_140

    The Family Table

    The contrasting lives of two families — a traditional four-generation rural family in a Sichuan village and a modern, single-child family in urban Hangzhou — are viewed through the routines of their daily meals. In the process, the film illustrates how the Chinese family has endured and how it is changing.

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  • film_139

    Food for Body and Spirit

    The Tao of cooking and eating — the Way to health and well-being! This film investigates the impact of religious influences on Chinese culture and cuisine.

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  • film_138

    Masters of the Wok

    Like Chinese cuisine and Chinese culture, this film is a study in contrasts. It explores the evolution of Chinese cuisine from basic peasant fare to highly refined and lavish imperial cooking.

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  • film_135


    Known for centuries as the center of Chinese culture and aesthetics, this Yangzi delta city has often been called the "Venice of the East" because of its many canals and bridges. This beautifully filmed portrait of the city leads the viewer through markets and teahouses, sweet shops and bookstores, rice paddies and fish stalls, and two of Suzhou’s exquisite gardens.

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  • film_141

    Water Farmers

    The Yangzi River delta region south of Shanghai is known as the water country. Hundreds of miles of canals traverse the land, linking towns and villages. Here, near the city of Shaoxing, water has completely shaped the local farmers’ unique way of life.

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  • film_136


    This wide-ranging documentary presents a cultural history of the ancient Chinese imperial city, once the greatest capital in the world and the Eastern terminus of the famed Silk Road.

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