A Summer Task

Produced by: Anna Grimshaw

48 min. Color. 2014.

Captioned: Yes

Catalog #: 0199

Price: $225.00

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This is the second of the four films that make up the series, Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods. This tightly-focused film examines the rhythm and tempo of work in the forest. It follows Bill Coperthwaite and his cousin, Steve, as they fell and haul trees to build a bridge and begin charting a new trail through the woods.

The film situates the viewer in the heart of the forest. Through the crafting of distinctive moments of rest and activity, of skill and improvisation, the film explores a complex, collaborative process as it unfolds in time. No longer the energetic men of their youth, Bill and Steve struggle against age and natural obstacles with a wry humor and stubborn determination. Through its focus on a single task, the film deftly opens up questions about time, work, aging, and the ongoing process of life.

For complete information and reviews of the series, please see Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods. Use this page if you wish to order just this one title. Please go to the series page if you wish to order the complete series.