Arnav at Six

Produced by: David MacDougall

28 min. Color. 2013.

Captioned: Yes

Catalog #: 0193

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This unique documentary is a compelling collaborative effort by Arnav Koshy, a six-year-old boy living in the Andhra Pradesh region of South India, and renowned ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall. The film explores the mind and varied activities of the keenly observant and intelligent Arnav.

Arnav is fascinated by the geology, plant life, and ecology of the dry and rocky region in which he lives. Made in a direct and unobtrusive (yet highly perceptive) style, the film is both an engaging interactive encounter between a child and an adult as well as a powerful demonstration of the potential for complex thought and reasoning in early childhood.

Combining a crisp and incisive visual style with a subtle, thought-provoking perspective, Arnav at Six will generate discussion in a variety of courses in Asian and Indian studies, cultural anthropology, and childhood development. It was produced by David MacDougall and is in English, but with English subtitles.