Body Image: The Quest for Perfection

Produced by: Kelly Briley

30 min. Color. 2000.

Captioned: Yes

Catalog #: 0074

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The statistics dealing with women, self-esteem, and body image paint a bleak picture: 80% of fourth-grade girls are on a diet at any given moment, and 20% of young American women have an eating disorder. Experts agree that dialogue and openness are two keys to solving a complicated social and psychological problem.

This candid and thought-provoking video illustrates how such methods might work. In it, seven diverse college-age women share their feelings about their bodies during a three-day retreat. They explore some of the complex sources of their feelings and examine images of women’s bodies in mass media. The discussions are at times humorous and at times powerfully moving, and include often-dramatic interactions between the seven women as they challenge one another’s perceptions and stereotypes.

The group is led by Dr. Michelle Wolf, Professor of Communications at San Francisco State Univ. and a noted researcher on body-image issues. She encourages the participants to articulate their frequently strong feelings about their bodies and guides them toward understanding those feelings and developing self-esteem and body acceptance. In the final segment of the video, the women explore possible solutions for themselves, for other women, parents, and authority figures such as teachers.

“Body Image: The Quest for Perfection” is sure to arouse and hold the interest of college students, who will empathize with the young women who are featured. The video will motivate lively discussion of vital issues in classes in psychology, women’s studies, sociology, media studies, diversity, and counseling. It was produced by Kelly Briley and is enhanced by an excellent study guide.

Please note: The captioned version of this film is only available on VHS. The DVD is not captioned.