Can You See the Color Gray?

Produced by: Alexandra Corbin

54 min. Color. 1997.

Captioned: No

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This unique and provocative documentary examines the development, expression, and communication of racial and ethnic prejudices and stereotypes. It is sure to provoke discussion and self-reflection in any course that deals with racial differences and stereotypes.

“Cay You See the Color Gray?” shows numerous people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds as they grapple with probing questions about their racial attitudes and their feelings about their own ethnicity. The video is particularly revealing in its exploration of the subtle development of racial attitudes in children of varying ages, some of whom are followed over a two-year period.

The video is divided into two logical parts of 27 minutes each, which can be shown at different times. Each part is followed by a brief intermission, providing an opportunity to address questions or begin discussing the issues that have been raised.

This is a must-see for students of psychology, sociology, ethnic studies, multiculturalism, American studies, counseling, and education. It was produced by Alexandra Corbin.