Gender and Communication: Male-Female Differences in Language and Nonverbal Behavior

Produced by: Dane Archer

42 min. Color. 2001.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0010

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Product Description

Gender exerts a powerful influence on all facets of human communication and raises many profound social issues. How does our gender affect us in everyday interactions? Are we treated differently because we are male or female? When we speak to someone, does the way we speak depend on the listener’s gender?

This provocative and richly discussible video explores the impact that gender has on both verbal messages (including speech, language, and vocabulary) as well as the nonverbal channels of communication such as vocal paralanguage, haptics (touch), kinesics (movement, gestures, and posture), proxemics (spatial behavior) and other “unwritten” languages.

“Gender and Communication” examines a variety of fascinating topics that will engage students’ interest. These include interruptions in conversations, gender bias in vocabulary and language, patterns of inequality in speech and conversation, cultural images of men and women, male-female differences in movement and kinesics, the intriguing communication changes needed by individuals who change from one gender to another, and how gender affects communication patterns in different ways in cultures around the world.

“Gender and Communication” is thoughtful, compelling, powerful, and frequently outrageous. The many topics covered are significant, controversial, and of crucial importance to anyone interested in communication, social interactions, or gender differences. The video is unique in its scope, and it illustrates many gendered forms of both verbal and nonverbal behavior. As just one example, students will never forget the video’s radical exploration of the imagery produced by the fashion and advertising industries.

“Gender and Communication” carves new territory in its examination of the impact of gender on key areas of speech, language, social interactions, and nonverbal behavior. This landmark work will become a “must see” for students in a wide array of disciplines.

It was produced by Prof. Dane Archer, of UC Santa Cruz, and is filled with the same characteristic zest, vibrancy, and instructional savvy that have brought widespread acclaim to all of his best-selling videos on nonverbal behavior, cultural differences, and communication.