In Beauty I Walk: The Navajo Way to Harmony

Produced by: Sheri Brenner

28 min. Color. 2002.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0087

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Set amid the stunning environs of Arizona’s rugged Canyon de Chelly, this fascinating documentary explores traditional Navajo Indian spiritual practices and thought. The film examines Navajo art, cosmology, and culture and illustrates how the traditional way of life, called “walking in beauty,” seeks to replicate the innate order and harmony of the universe within each individual.

The film features Navajo medicine man Johnson Dennison, Navajo philosopher Harry Walters, and noted anthropologist Peter Gold.

“In Beauty I Walk” will stimulate thought and discussion in a wide array of courses in Native American studies, cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and philosophy. It was produced by Sheri Brenner.