Monuments Are for Men, Waffles Are for Women: Gender, Permanence and Impermanence

Produced by: Lynn Lovdal

32 min. Color. 2000.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0069

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The unwritten rules governing the traditional activities of men and women are sharply but subtly defined. Women’s work has traditionally been repetitive and ongoing, and its end result short-lived and impermanent. In contrast, the activities of men are traditionally long-lived, durable, or permanent.

This thought-provoking video explores numerous and diverse instances of this often unrecognized but pervasive gender (and, often, racial) division and examines their causes and social consequences.

Designed for use in a broad range of disciplines, this engaging production features illuminating first-hand testimony by college students and case studies drawn from topics that will be immediately familiar to students. “Monuments Are for Men” is a powerful resource for any instructor who wishes to stimulate lively class discussion on issues surrounding the social construction of gender activities and on the ways that these patterns of activities are perpetuated in contemporary American culture.

It was produced by and features Prof. Lynn Lovdal, whose earlier video, “Sexism in Language,” is used in courses in speech, interpersonal communication, and gender studies at hundreds of colleges nationwide.