Pericles in America

Produced by: John Cohen

70 min. Color. 1988.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0050

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This musical portrait of immigrant clarinetist Pericles Halkias and the Epirot-Greek community explores the aspirations and ambivalences of Greek-Americans.

Moving between Queens, New York and northern Greece, it presents the traditional music of Epirus, showing how the music unites the Epirot community around the world. The film defines America not as a melting pot, but rather as a place to make a better living. The Epirots who earn their living here have their hearts planted firmly in the mountains of Greece.

“Pericles in America” will generate thought and discussion in courses dealing with immigration and transnationalism, cultural identity, and musical culture, and in many different courses in cultural anthropology, sociology, and American studies. It was produced by renowned filmmaker and musician John Cohen.