Sexism in Language: Thief of Honor, Shaper of Lies

Produced by: Lynn Lovdal

29 min. Color. 1995.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0068

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Designed for use in a broad range of educational settings and disciplines, this lively and provocative video analyzes the gender bias that permeates our everyday language. Quick-paced, wide-ranging, and frequently humorous, the video explores sexism in both the syntax and semantics of language and shows how it is often unintentional or even unrecognized.

Four key areas are explored: ’’female’’ words that are dependent on a ’’male’’ version; words that are more positive for men than for women; words for women that carry negative sexual connotations; and ’’neutral’’ words that become inferior when applied to women.

This is a powerful resource for anyone concerned with understanding and eliminating the harmful effects of sexist language. It was produced by and features Prof. Lynn Lovdal.