Still Revolutionaries

Produced by: Sienna McLean

16 min. Color. 2000.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0080

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This compelling documentary explores the lives of two women who were in the Black Panther Party between 1969 and 1975. Katherine Campbell and Madalynn Rucker reflect on the reasons and events that led to their joining the Black Panthers, the type of work they did within the Party, and the challenges they faced as they chose to leave it and reconstruct their lives.

The film takes a very personal look at the passions these women hold dearest and their motives for putting their lives on the line for their community. The women share the difficulties they encountered as they began to feel the structure of the Party disintegrating around them. The excruciating decision to leave the Party and re-enter “mainstream” life posed specific challenges as they strove to integrate their radical values into their jobs and families. The women discuss how they have carried the strengths and beliefs inspired by the Black Panther Party throughout their lives and the ways in which they have tried to pass them on to their own children.

Through the two women’s eloquent, clear-eyed evaluations of their experiences, Still Revolutionaries provides both a foot soldier´s and a woman´s point of view on the Black Panther Party and its legacy. The film will generate discussion in a variety of classes in American history and studies, African-American studies, sociology, psychology, and women’s studies. It was produced by Sienna McLean.