The Doon School Quintet

Produced by: David MacDougall

494 min. Color. 2004.

Captioned: Yes

Catalog #: 9901

Price: $1,175.00

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This groundbreaking, five-part study of India’s most prestigious boys’ boarding school is a contemporary masterwork of renowned ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall. Sometimes called “the Eton of India,” Doon School has developed its own characteristic style and presents a curious mixture of privilege and egalitarianism. Each of the five films can stand on its own and may be purchased separately. But taken together as a series the five films provide a unique and revelatory cultural portrait that will take its place among the classics of ethnographic cinema.

Please use this page to order The Doon School Quintet only if you wish to purchase the entire series (five titles) at its discounted price of $1,175, plus shipping and handling. If you desire further information regarding each title or if you wish to purchase individual titles from the series you may do so on this web site; here are the links to the individual titles:

Doon School Chronicles
With Morning Hearts
Karam in Jaipur
The New Boys
The Age of Reason