The IPT-15

Produced by: Dane Archer, Mark Costanzo

20 min. Color. 1993.

Captioned: No

Catalog #: 0002

Price: $195.00

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Product Description

This version of The Interpersonal Perception Task shows 15 of the 30 scenes shown in the complete video. As always, each scene is followed by a multiple-choice question, giving the viewer the chance to “decode” something important about the interaction.

This shorter version was designed largely for researchers, as its brevity enables it to be easily included in research projects using multiple measures or a battery of tests. For instructors, it also allows a quicker demonstration of essential principles. The video comes with a blank answer sheet to be duplicated for classroom use, a “key” with correct answers, and a revised facilitator’s guide.

“The IPT-15” was produced by Dane Archer and Mark Costanzo.