The Red Road to Sobriety Video Talking Circle

Produced by: Gary Rhine

120 min. Color. 1995.

Captioned: No

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The contemporary Native American Sobriety Movement is flourishing throughout the Indian communities of North America. This vital social movement combines ancient spiritual traditions with modern medical approaches to substance abuse recovery.

One of these traditions is the “talking circle.” In a talking circle, a participant holds a sacred eagle feather while talking about whatever is on his or her mind. During this time, the other participants listen respectfully, encouraging the speaker to open his or her mind and heart, to share stories, feelings, and prayers. When finished, the speaker passes the feather to the next person in the circle and becomes a listener; and so on around the circle.

This remarkable documentary features many noted Native American therapists and healers. Consisting of eight 15-minute segments, it is designed to be used as a prevention and recovery tool by individuals, clinics, recovery programs, schools, and youth groups. Segments include: * Introduction to the Talking Circle * Wisdom of the Elders * Women of the Circle * Fetal Alcohol Syndrome * Healing the Youth * Men of the Circle * Native Ways of Treatment * The Red Road Approach

The menus of the DVD version of the film enable fast access to each particular segment.

This is the companion video to the award-winning documentary, The Red Road to Sobriety. It was produced by Gary Rhine for Kifaru Productions and co-directed by Gary Rhine and Chante Pierce (Cheyenne/Cherokee).