Streaming License Information

We are able to license customers to digitize and stream all of our titles, provided that the customer has already purchased a DVD copy (not a VHS copy) of the title from us, or is purchasing a DVD copy at the same time. We currently do not offer already-digitized files for streaming. Streaming licenses cannot be ordered on this web site; all such orders must go directly through our office via email or phone.

In all cases there is a license fee and a short license agreement that is emailed to the customer. The license fee for digitization and streaming varies depending on the length of the license (normally for one year, three years, or in perpetuity), and on the customer’s use plans, for instance whether you wish to stream only to one or several online courses, only to students enrolled in specific courses both online and on-campus, or more generally to the campus at large.

The license fee for very limited, short-term streaming usage is normally modest, while the license fee for campus-wide streaming usage in perpetuity is typically significantly higher.

Whatever the case, our license only permits customers to stream the digitized content in a password-protected environment that is accessible only within your college. It also requires that the digitized content be protected throughout the term of the agreement via a real-time streaming protocol that ensures that the content will not be able to be downloaded to or captured in any permanent way by students’ computers or digital recording devices.

If your proposed usage falls within these guidelines and you wish to proceed, please email us at (or phone us at 510-486-9900) and let us know your desired type of license (i.e., for one course or several courses per term, campus-wide, etc.), and the length of usage you want (i.e., one-year, three-year, or in perpetuity), and we will provide you with a quote for the licensing fee.

If you prefer to purchase vendor-hosted streaming, please note that we are partnering with Alexander Street Press and all of our titles are available through its industry-leading streaming platform.

Please contact us if you have questions about our streaming policies or the information on this page.