Patricia Keith

Patricia Keith’s documentary film career began in 2001 with Journey to Eureka, which chronicled the rugged determination of early 20th-century miners in Hells Canyon of the Snake River; it was broadcast on Idaho Public Television. Her second Hells Canyon documentary, Not a Day Goes By: Remembering Hells Canyon, (2011) features the ranchers who eked out an existence in the most isolated parts of America’s deepest canyon.

She has produced a short “museum” film on the 19th-century Chinese temple in Lewiston, Idaho, and several documentary projects for the Nez Perce tribe. Two co-produced films, Tibet: A Light in the Darkness and Burma: Reflections on a Hidden Land, explore questions of cultural survival under repressive political regimes; they have been screened at film festivals and in university and civic venues in more than a dozen states.

While on sabbatical in Peru in 2005, she met anthropologist Suzanne Morrissey, a meeting that led to the making of From Our Strength: Birth and Indigenous Politics in Cañar, Ecuador.

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