Gary Rhine

Gary Rhine is CEO of Kifaru Productions (, known for award-winning documentaries on contemporary Native American issues.

Working under the alias of “Rhino,” he writes a daily political weblog, called “Rhinos Blog” (, which seeks to promote effective dialog on issues of war and peace, human rights, and protection of the environment.

Mr. Rhine chairs the board of directors of DreamCatchers (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of indigenous cultures and sacred lands. The DreamCatchers Film Fund facilitates the making of feature films created by indigenous directors.

In 2002, Mr. Rhine produced “RezRobics,” an aerobics video series for American Indian communities, and the companion comedy, “RezRobics For Couch Potato Skins.” In 2002 he also curated “First People’s TV,” the first regularly scheduled, nationally broadcast TV series in the U.S. concerning contemporary Native people for WorldLink TV.

Mr. Rhine is an activist/moviemaker, father of 3 daughters and 3 step-sons, a private pilot, and lifelong drummer. He was a founding member in 1970 and then a 13-year resident of “The Farm,” the spiritual intentional community in Summertown, Tennessee, where he served as Director of The Farm Ambulance Service and Emergency Medical Training Programs. During those years he also worked in the book publishing and distribution field and gained experience in many building and gardening skills.

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