Kelly Briley

Kelly Briley is an award-winning producer based in San Francisco. She is a principal at the communication design firm, Olive Tree Communications, which produces educational and corporate videos, multimedia, and web sites.

Her first documentary, A Grave Matter, recounts the efforts of Hawaiians to repatriate their ancestral remains from the University of California, Berkeley.

Her second documentary, Body Image: The Quest for Perfection, was aired on twenty-one PBS stations nationwide and honored at the Western Psychological Association and National Media Education Conferences.

Her third documentary, A World Without Strangers, took her to the Middle East, where she explored the cross-cultural perceptions of women from the United States and the Middle East.

She has also produced children’s educational videos, such as the Emmy-Award-winning Adventures in Science & Art, a children’s television program linking art and science.

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  • film_7

    Body Image: The Quest for Perfection

    In this candid and thought-provoking video, seven diverse college-age women share their feelings about their bodies during a three-day retreat. They explore some of the complex sources of their feelings and examine images of women’s bodies in the mass media.

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  • film_173

    A World Without Strangers

    This engaging and innovative documentary explores the common misperceptions and stereotypes of one another shared by young people in the Middle East and the United States. It connects five college-age women from the United States with five from the Middle East in a media-based dialogue that illuminates and challenges cross-cultural misconceptions.

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