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  • film_168

    The Art of Regret

    This brilliant and keenly observed documentary, by renowned ethnographic filmmaker Judith MacDougall, explores the digital revolution in China, where photography is known as the “art of regret.”

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  • film_210

    Autumn’s Work

    This is the third of the four films that make up the series, Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods. This beautifully shot and edited film follows Bill Coperthwaite as he prepares for winter in the woods.

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  • film_65

    The Band

    When filmmaker David Zeiger spends a year documenting his son Danny&quot high school marching band in Decatur, Georgia, he gets a crash course in love, friendship, and marching in formation. Featuring refreshingly candid student commentary on everything from anorexia and Ritalin to divorced parents and race relations, "The Band" is a lively, engrossing look at the ups and downs of all-American teenage life, 1990s style.

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  • film_7

    Body Image: The Quest for Perfection

    In this candid and thought-provoking video, seven diverse college-age women share their feelings about their bodies during a three-day retreat. They explore some of the complex sources of their feelings and examine images of women’s bodies in the mass media.

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  • film_8

    Chronicle of an American Suburb

    This fascinating, multifaceted documentary is an extraordinary portrait of one of America’s quintessential postwar suburbs, Park Forest, Illinois, from its founding to the present.

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  • film_118

    Confederacy Theory

    This powerful and thought-provoking documentary explores the complexities of a controversy steeped in American history and racial divisiveness: the debate over the Confederate flag in South Carolina, the last state to fly the flag on its capitol.

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  • film_111

    Dancing with the Incas

    This extraordinary film documents the most popular music of the Andes — Huayno music — and explores the lives of three Huayno musicians in a contemporary Peru torn between the military and the Shining Path guerrillas.

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  • film_107

    Fifty Miles from Times Square

    A colorful portrait of life in Putnam County, New York, with its "old-time fiddlers, farmers, commuters, and hippies," where an earlier, more traditional, relaxed style of life continues.

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  • film_32

    Gender and Relationships: Male-Female Differences in Love and Marriage

    This often humorous, often poignant, and always profound video explores the differences in the ways that men and women experience the love relationship. It features men and women from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds who provide eloquent — and sometimes rueful — testimony on how gender differences affect love, courtship, “couplehood,” marriage, emotions, understanding, and sensitivity.

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  • film_102

    The High Lonesome Sound

    This classic documentary, by renowned filmmaker John Cohen, evocatively illustrates how music and religion help the rural poor of Appalachia maintain their dignity and traditions in the face of change and hardship.

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  • film_27

    The Human Body: Appearance, Shape and Self-Image

    This often poignant and always compelling new video, by the noted producer, Prof. Dane Archer, examines with sensitivity and cross-cultural insight the variety, meaning, and importance of the bodies we inhabit. It explores 12 different facets of the human body, each of which impacts our preferences, our ideals, our attitudes, and — perhaps most important — our self-images.

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  • film_194

    Losing Knowledge: 50 Years of Change

    This profound ethnographic documentary explores the myriad of ways in which centuries-old indigenous knowledge is rapidly vanishing in the southern Mexican village of Talea, Oaxaca, and by extension throughout the world.

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  • film_132

    Mas Fever: Inside Trinidad Carnival

    Carnival in the New World is a synthesis of European elements — Christian traditions and the masquerade — and African elements — primarily music and dance. In Trinidad, Carnival is a colorful, exuberant celebration of national focus and pride.

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  • film_207

    Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods

    An eloquent and thought-provoking meditation on time and process, this “intense, revelatory” four-part series presents an unforgettable portrait of a remarkable life – one shaped by nature, work, poetry, and the rhythm of changing seasons.

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  • film_103

    Musical Holdouts

    This classic, entertaining documentary on American traditional music features varied individuals and groups who have not become part of the “melting pot” of American society.

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  • film_29

    Personal Space: Exploring Human Proxemics

    Space is a silent language, and we all "speak" it, whether consciously or not. This fascinating and frequently funny video portrays the effects of space on everyday human behavior in an engaging and dramatic manner. Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds vividly demonstrate how our culture defines our use of space, territory, and touching.

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  • film_116

    Playing House

    This incisive and compelling documentary chronicles the lives of five seventh- and eighth-grade girls through their first year at the elite Fay School, the oldest junior boarding school in America. With great sensitivity to individual nuance and a sharp eye for significant moments of interaction, the film reveals how deftly these 12- and 13-year-olds learn and practice “womanly” arts of psycho-social warfare while dealing with complex personal issues such as body image, class and sexual identity, family dysfunction, and self-worth.

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  • film_164

    The Pornography of Everyday Life

    This trenchant and provocative documentary essay incorporates more than 200 powerful images from advertising, ancient myth, contemporary art, and popular culture to demonstrate how pornography (defined as the sexualized domination, degradation, and objectification of women and girls and social groups who are put in the demeaned feminine role) is in reality a prevalent mainstream worldview.

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  • film_174

    Record Store

    As the American music industry struggles to find its place in the digital world, many music enthusiasts continue to buy and collect vinyl records, sometimes to their financial and emotional detriment. This remarkable documentary explores the various urban subcultures at an independent record store in Philadelphia, focusing on the store’s owners, employees, and customers.

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  • film_186

    Roman Restaurant Rhythms

    This delightful and mouth-watering documentary provides a "backstage," behind-the-scenes foray into the rhythms of food preparation in four traditional restaurants in Rome.

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  • film_131

    Salsa in Japan: A Japanese and Latino Mix

    This remarkable documentary on multiculturalism explores the growing subculture of salsa dancing in Japan, where salsa dancing and salsa clubs serve as a source of interaction and cultural mingling between native Japanese and Latino immigrants to Japan.

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  • film_104

    Sara and Maybelle

    A rare filmed performance of two members of the original Carter family, whose recordings helped found the country music industry. Here Sara and Maybelle demonstrate their famous guitar picking and harmony singing on "Sweet Fern" and "Solid Gone."

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  • film_94

    Sexism in Language: Thief of Honor, Shaper of Lies

    Designed for use in a broad range of educational settings and disciplines, this lively and provocative video analyzes the gender bias that permeates our everyday language.

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  • film_208

    Spring in Dickinson’s Reach

    This is the first of the four films that make up the series, Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods. This film establishes, literally and metaphorically, the scope of Bill Coperthwaite’s world as it explores the unique environment that he has crafted in the Maine forest.

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  • film_209

    A Summer Task

    This is the second of the four films that make up the series, Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods. This tightly-focused film examines the rhythm and tempo of work in the forest. It follows Bill Coperthwaite and his cousin, Steve, as they fell and haul trees to build a bridge and begin charting a new trail through the woods.

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  • film_117

    The Toured: The Other Side of Tourism in Barbados

    Tourism is the second-largest industry in the world and the "touristic encounter" may be the most important contact front today between differing cultures. But such encounters, especially between people of the First and Third worlds, are often characterized by strikingly unequal power relations.

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  • film_149

    True-Hearted Vixens

    This remarkable documentary follows the fortunes of two women during the Women’s Professional Football League’s inaugural season of six exhibition games. One of the women is a young political consultant-turned linebacker and the other is an elite amateur basketball player and single mother taking a shot at wide receiver. Both traveled from afar, trading security and leaving jobs and loved ones for this long-shot at stardom.

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  • film_154

    Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine and the Law

    This provocative and powerful documentary explores the conflict over the legalization of medical marijuana in the United States. Ten states have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. Yet all marijuana use, cultivation, and possession — for any reason — remain illegal under federal law.

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  • film_57

    Wedding Advice: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

    With an engaging blend of humor, personal testimony, and expert analysis, this thought-provoking documentary explores the history and contemporary relevance of the institution of marriage.

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  • film_211

    Winter Days

    This is the fourth of the four films that make up the series, Mr. Coperthwaite: A Life in the Maine Woods. This evocative film reveals the stillness and quietness of the forest in winter.

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  • film_30

    A World of Food: Tastes and Taboos in Different Cultures

    This delectably engaging video explores the extraordinary variety of food likes, food dislikes, food taboos, and food rules around the world. It features frequently humorous and always compelling testimony from people representing a wide array of cultures.

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