Marriage and the Family

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  • film_65

    The Band

    When filmmaker David Zeiger spends a year documenting his son Danny&quot high school marching band in Decatur, Georgia, he gets a crash course in love, friendship, and marching in formation. Featuring refreshingly candid student commentary on everything from anorexia and Ritalin to divorced parents and race relations, "The Band" is a lively, engrossing look at the ups and downs of all-American teenage life, 1990s style.

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  • film_166

    Beyond the Politics of Life and Choice: A New Conversation About Abortion

    This timely and exceptionally thought-provoking documentary moves the divisive and highly emotional debate over abortion away from politicized battle lines and into a compassionate and sensitive space, where people with opposing views can better understand the deep concerns of one another.

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  • film_192

    Dance With the Wodaabes

    This widely acclaimed and visually stunning ethnographic documentary explores, from the point of view of its participants, the complex cultural significance of one of Africa’s most spectacular but frequently misunderstood and sensationalized ritual celebrations.

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  • film_205

    Delhi at Eleven

    This stunningly original and thought-provoking documentary, which was produced by renowned ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall, presents the work of four 11-year-old filmmakers living in New Delhi, India.

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  • film_140

    The Family Table

    The contrasting lives of two families — a traditional four-generation rural family in a Sichuan village and a modern, single-child family in urban Hangzhou — are viewed through the routines of their daily meals. In the process, the film illustrates how the Chinese family has endured and how it is changing.

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  • film_206

    From Our Strength: Birth and Indigenous Politics in Cañar, Ecuador

    This unique ethnographic case study, filmed in the beautiful and diverse southern Andes of Ecuador, explores the complex relationships between indigenous politics, social change, and health-care choices.

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  • film_32

    Gender and Relationships: Male-Female Differences in Love and Marriage

    This often humorous, often poignant, and always profound video explores the differences in the ways that men and women experience the love relationship. It features men and women from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds who provide eloquent — and sometimes rueful — testimony on how gender differences affect love, courtship, “couplehood,” marriage, emotions, understanding, and sensitivity.

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  • indelible_lalita_web

    Indelible Lalita

    This intimate, poignant, and thought-provoking documentary relates the remarkable story of an Indian woman, Lalita Bharvani, who completely loses her skin pigment as she migrates from Bombay to Montreal. Now 60 and appearing to be White, Lalita copes with her changing identity even as her body is painfully transformed by ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and heart failure. In telling Lalita’s story, the film incisively explores the intersection of racial, national, age, and gender identities in the globalized world.

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  • film_128

    Keep Her Under Control: Law’s Patriarchy in India

    This provocative documentary, which explores the role of women in a Muslim-dominated village in Rajasthan, in northern India, is original, compelling, and instructive, and it is sure to stimulate discussion and analysis in any course that studies gender roles, Islam, India, or cultural anthropology.

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  • film_171

    Kotla Walks: Performing Locality

    This engaging documentary explores the changing urban life of a contemporary India caught between local tradition and the effects of globalization. The film provides a richly detailed portrait of the lives of residents of Kotla Mubarakpur, an "urban village" in South Delhi, by focusing on one family and their friends and neighbors.

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  • film_67

    Kypseli: Women and Men Apart — A Divided Reality

    This celebrated ethnographic study of male and female roles in a small Greek village shows how the separation of the sexes and the principle of male dominance have become part of the village’s most basic social structures, affecting the daily activities and thoughts of everyone there.

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  • film_69

    Marriages in Heaven

    Arranged marriages have been an important aspect of traditional Indian culture since ancient times, and they are still common today. This illuminating documentary explores the ways in which globalization and modernization are affecting young people and changing the traditions of marriage among Indians living both in India and in America.

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  • film_195

    My Louisiana Love

    Every few years a new documentary comes along that so powerfully resonates both emotionally and intellectually that it can truly be deemed unforgettable. “My Louisiana Love” is such a film. This profoundly poignant exploration of environmental injustice and loss focuses a revelatory light on an otherwise invisible American tragedy.

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  • film_79

    No Place Like Home

    This brilliant documentary explores eight months in the life of a broken family in Seattle and powerfully depicts the cycles that keep families tied to poverty and violence from one generation to the next.

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  • film_57

    Wedding Advice: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

    With an engaging blend of humor, personal testimony, and expert analysis, this thought-provoking documentary explores the history and contemporary relevance of the institution of marriage.

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  • film_43

    The Wedding Camels (Digitally Remastered Version)

    One of Lorang’s daughters is going to marry one of his friends and age-mates, but all does not go smoothly. The second part of renowned filmmakers David and Judith Macdougall’s classic “Turkana Conversations Trilogy.”

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  • film_44

    A Wife Among Wives (Digitally Remastered Version)

    This ground-breaking ethnographic documentary investiges the views of the Turkana, and especially Turkana women, on marriage and polygyny. The third and final part of renowned filmmakers David and Judith Macdougall’s classic “Turkana Conversations Trilogy.”

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  • film_58

    Womanhood and Circumcision: Three Maasai Women Have Their Say (Extended Version, 2014)

    This thought-provoking and much-acclaimed documentary sensitively explores the cultural context of female genital-cutting practices among the Maasai. The film was re-edited with extensive new material and an additional half-hour of extra commentary in 2014. It will stimulate discussion and reflection in a wide variety of courses in cultural anthropology, women’s and gender studies, African studies, and development studies.

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  • film_120


    The most frequent question posed to new parents is: "Is it a boy or a girl?" But this question can’t be answered in an estimated one out of every 2,000 births. This thought-provoking documentary is the first film to provide an intimate look at the long-term emotional, psychological, and physiological effects of being born "intersex," or with ambiguous genitalia.

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  • film_38

    You Don’t Know Dick

    Simply put, this is the most profound, compelling, and thought-provoking documentary ever made on gender identity. It may also be the most entertaining. It provides extraordinarily honest and riveting portraits of six men who once were women.

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